Caring and Sharing Campaign Weekly Update

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

ExamWorks Clinical Solutions remains committed to our local communities and charities.  This year, during November and December, we are proud to launch our “Caring and Sharing” initiative.  ExamWorks Clinical Solutions employees will be empowered to donate time to local charities which are personally meaningful to them within their local communities. 

By focusing within our local neighborhoods, the time donated helps our neighbors, and the effort is more personally rewarding.  With over 200 employees across the nation, this should be an impactful campaign providing assistance to a variety of worthy charities.

Please join us in thanking and recognizing the following individuals.

Sales Division – Gina Christopher

Gina ChristopherThe first outstanding volunteer joining Bonnie’s List for the Caring and Sharing campaign is Gina Christopher.  Gina Christopher is an Account Executive living in Long Beach, California, and she is part of her own continuing tradition of community service.  Gina began serving meals to the homeless with her family when she was growing up in New Orleans, and she continues to do so today – helping with organizations like the Long Beach Men’s Mission and Battered Woman’s Home of Long Beach.

For this week, we are pleased to recognize Gina’s commitment to 4Girls.  Gina spent over 15 hours straight assisting the 4Girls organization during their fundraising gala last week.  4Girls is an organization that works to foster mentorship opportunities for young women in an effort to encourage those young women to develop their talents and educational opportunities.  Specifically, they work to encourage young women to attend and graduate from college – while providing many other skill development opportunities along the way.  Gina herself has volunteered for this organization for ten years – mentoring dozens of young women to become college graduates, working professionals, and business owners.

Gina notes how rewarding volunteering for 4Girls has been to her, and we are happy to recognize her for those contributions. 

Thank you for taking the time to include your tradition of service with ExamWorks Clinical Solutions’ fall campaign.  Your steadfast commitment to serving others is the heart and soul of the ECS mission!.

Case Management Division – Amy Myers

Amy Myers is a Medical Case Manager working in our local Atlanta area, and she has used the Sharing and Caring Campaign as an impetus to find new opportunities to become involved in her community.  Amy volunteered for five hours at Caring for a Cause’s Team Maddie Tournament the weekend before last.  The Team Maddie Tournament is a baseball and softball tournament that raises funds for the medical treatment of Zayden and Brooklyn – two children who have been diagnosed with leukemia.

Amy found out about the Team Maddie Tournament from a fellow parent from her son’s baseball team, and she has indicated an interest in a continued involvement with the organization’s efforts.  Amy donated five hours working as a ticket-taker for the baseball and softball tournament.  She has donated financially to the organization, and plans to continue to attend later fundraisers in the same vein.  Amy specifically expressed appreciation for the larger perspective afforded by volunteering efforts – allowing her to set aside her busy schedule to focus on the needs of others.

Thank you very much to Amy for allowing ExamWorks Clinical Solutions’ fall campaign to ignite a new inspiration towards serving others.  Encouraging members of our community to serve their communities in new ways really brings home the positive benefits of this campaign!

MSP Division – James Wileman

James WilemanJames Wileman is the Director of MSP Operations – based in the home office – and he took the opportunity to support his family with his volunteer hours.  James volunteered at the Community Fall Festival for Harmony Elementary School.  James’ wife is a teacher at Harmony Elementary School, and he assisted with setting up the Community Fall Festival.  He specifically noted enjoying providing a fun time for students and their families.

Thank you very much for taking the time to support your family and others in our local community!