Sharing and Caring Weekly Update #2

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

ExamWorks Clinical Solutions remains committed to our local communities and charities.  This year, during November and December, we are proud to launch our “Caring and Sharing” initiative.  ExamWorks Clinical Solutions employees will be empowered to donate time to local charities which are personally meaningful to them within their local communities. 

By focusing within our local neighborhoods, the time donated helps our neighbors, and the effort is more personally rewarding.  With over 200 employees across the nation, this should be an impactful campaign providing assistance to a variety of worthy charities. 

Please join us in thanking and recognizing the following individuals.

MSP Operations & Tech: Joy Roberson

Joy Roberson

Joy Roberson is a Report Developer living in Sarasota, Florida.  She is heavily involved with several different veterans’ organizations in her local community – including the American Legion, Manasota Operation Troop Support, and Wreaths Across America.  Joy was motivated to join the leadership for some of these organizations when her eldest son joined the Marines and her children began to move out of the house. 

At this time, Joy is the Treasurer of her local American Legion Riders chapter.

Joy has donated 33 hours over the course of the Sharing and Caring Campaign.  Joy and her husband recently organized an event for Manasota Operation Troop Support.  The event raised over $2000 to provide care packages to troops overseas and holiday gifts for the children of wounded veterans.  Joy also assisted with a campaign to provide wreaths for veterans’ headstones in a local cemetery.  Overall, we are amazed by the dedication that Joy has put into being a charitable leader in her community.  Thank you, Joy, for being willing to take your volunteering to the next level – empowering others to contribute as well.

Sales Division:  Chris Crabtree 

Chris Crabtree is an Account Executive living in Austin, Texas.  She recently decided to become involved with an organization called Impact Austin.  Impact Austin is an organization that pools donated resources to empower female-driven philanthropic efforts.  In simpler terms, they combine smaller donations into large grants that allow new charitable programs to go farther than they would normally be able to go. 

Chris works with the board of Impact Austin to discuss contributing money and gifts to a local battered women and children’s shelter for this holiday season, and has put ten hours into planning the effort so far.  

Thank you, Chris, for your time spent trying to create new charitable efforts in your community. 

Case Management: Stephanie Pruitt

Stephanie Pruitt

Stephanie Pruitt is a Medical Field Case Manager living in Gulfport, Mississippi.  She has been volunteering with Tired Dog Rescue in her local community for five years, and she specifically noted that she enjoys watching the transformation of rescue dogs on their path to a new home.

Stephanie Pruitt volunteered for four hours at the Tired Dog Rescue’s Scrub-a-dub Dog last week.  Dog baths were provided to customers – the proceeds of which went to fund the Tired Dog Rescue.  In addition, some of the adoptable dogs were brought along to have an opportunity to meet potential adoptees. 

It isn’t just our fellow people that benefit from care over the holiday season.  Our furry friends are important parts of our families, too.  

Thank you, Stephanie, for taking the time to care for them this holiday season.