Sharing and Caring Weekly Update #3

Friday, December 7, 2018

ExamWorks Clinical Solutions remains committed to our local communities and charities.  This year, during November and December, we are proud to launch our “Caring and Sharing” initiative.  ExamWorks Clinical Solutions employees will be empowered to donate time to local charities which are personally meaningful to them within their local communities. 

By focusing within our local neighborhoods, the time donated helps our neighbors, and the effort is more personally rewarding.  With over 200 employees across the nation, this should be an impactful campaign providing assistance to a variety of worthy charities. 

Please join us in thanking and recognizing the following individuals.

Sales Department – Gina Christopher

Gina Christopher is the first member of the ExamWorks Clinical Solutions community to receive Bonnie’s List recognition twice in a row.  She is also the individual with the second largest number of volunteering hours overall.  Nice work Gina!

Gina volunteered for eight hours on the day before Thanksgiving – helping with Thanksgiving dinner services for the Long Beach Men’s Mission and the Long Beach Battered Women’s Shelter.  She carved 23 turkeys over five hours for the Long Beach Men’s Mission meal service.  The meal service served over 850 people. 

The Long Beach Battered Women’s’ Shelter program served 442 people meals.  In addition to the meal service, the Battered Women’s’ Shelter provided thirteen families with a place to live and food on a continuing basis through the holiday season.

Gina’s continuing work in the community has been impressive and inspiring.  Thank you for continuing to set an example of service in our community.

Case Management Department – Pamela Murphy

Pamela MurphyPamela Murphy serves as the Treasurer for our ExamWorks Clinical Solutions Community Involvement Team.  As such, she is involved in planning and directing the charitable efforts in our community – in addition to the time she spends helping in her own community.

Pam spent three-and-a-half hours assisting with a supply drive for her church.  Her church has partnered with a church in Kentucky to sponsor a giveaway closet and food bank in that state, and her church raised supplies to help stock those facilities over the holiday season. 

Her church’s supply drive was so successful that they were able to send almost a full semi-truck of supplies north last week.

Thank you very much for the time that you spend supporting charitable campaigns – both inside and outside of the ExamWorks Clinical Solutions community.