Caring and Sharing Weekly Update #5

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

ExamWorks Clinical Solutions remains committed to our local communities and charities.  This year, during November and December, we are proud to launch our “Caring and Sharing” initiative.  ExamWorks Clinical Solutions employees will be empowered to donate time to local charities which are personally meaningful to them within their local communities. 

By focusing within our local neighborhoods, the time donated helps our neighbors, and the effort is more personally rewarding.  With over 200 employees across the nation, this should be an impactful campaign providing assistance to a variety of worthy charities. 

Please join us in thanking and recognizing the following individuals.

Case Management Division-Stephanie Pruitt

Stephanie PruittStephanie Pruitt is our second repeat-recipient for Bonnie’s List recognition.  Stephanie Pruitt is a Medical Field Case Manager based in Gulfport, Mississippi.  She works with Tired Dog Rescue.

Stephanie recently assisted with a group dog rescue effort.  The Tired Dog Rescue Organization spent all day and night on November 17th catching, grooming, and placing 19 dogs into foster care – a record intake for their organization. 

Thanks again, Stephanie, for being so active in helping the canine friends in your community!  It is appreciated.

MSP Division - Annie Davidson

Annie DavidsonAnnie Davidson is an MSP Compliance Counsel based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  

In addition to Annie’s duties as a compliance attorney with our company, she volunteers with the Volunteer Lawyers Network and Headway Emotional Health Services.  With Volunteer Lawyers Network, Annie has volunteered over 17 hours this year providing legal counsel to individuals experiencing poverty.  

Annie serves on the volunteer board for Headway Emotional Health Services, and she has volunteered over 45 hours this year for that organization – including over six hours this month.  Headway Emotional Health Services provides comprehensive mental health therapy, counseling, and classes to more than 45,000 families per year. 

Thank you very much, Annie, for finding a great way to make the abilities that you use in your career work for the betterment of your local community.

Sales Division – Kimberly Torosian

Kimberly Torosian is an Account Executive based out of Boise, Idaho.  Kimberly volunteered with Rake Up Boise for the first time this holiday season – joined by several members of her family that she recruited to help. 

Kimberly and her family helped three households of elderly people who needed assistance with maintaining their yards before the arrival of winter.  All told, Kimberly and her family raked and bagged 100 bags of leaves out of the three yards. 

Thank you very much, Kimberly, for taking an opportunity to find a new way to get involved with your community – and for bringing others along with.