Caring and Sharing Weekly Update #6

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

ExamWorks Clinical Solutions remains committed to our local communities and charities.  This year, during November and December, we are proud to launch our “Caring and Sharing” initiative.  ExamWorks Clinical Solutions employees will be empowered to donate time to local charities which are personally meaningful to them within their local communities. 

By focusing within our local neighborhoods, the time donated helps our neighbors, and the effort is more personally rewarding.  With over 200 employees across the nation, this should be an impactful campaign providing assistance to a variety of worthy charities. 

Please join us in thanking and recognizing the following individuals.

Case Management Division - Colleen Adcock 

Colleen Adcock-recipient for Bonnie’s List recognition.   She works with three organizations, Mothers of Pre-schoolers, North Central Beekeepers Club, and 4-H Beekeeping Club.   

Mothers of Pre-Schoolers

Colleen serves as a mentor mom that coordinates meetings, conduct service projects by organizing and sorting donation items, while mentoring other mothers, with children who are at child rearing age. Over the past forty-five years, MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) has expanded their reach to include moms with older kids, partnering with churches and organizations worldwide to equip and encourage moms in more than 60 countries


4-H Beekeepers Club and North Central Beekeepers Club

Colleens role with the 4-H Beekeeper Club as a Core Group Leadership Team Member provides education to aspiring and seasoned beekeepers in the specific ways/methods to keep bees and also what flowers/trees are best to plant for pollinators in general. 

Through 4-H Beekeepers Club and North Central Beekeepers Club, Colleen and her husband were able to mentor a 9 year old (special needs) young man who was gifted his own bee hive.  They have worked with him to care for the bees and provide guidance in the process. 

Thanks again, Colleen, for being so active in helping the community!  It is appreciated.

Sales Department – Gina Christopher

In addition to Gina’s role as Account Executive with ExamWorks, she also spends her time volunteering with various community initiatives. 

This week, Gina spent time volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. Her service, in addition to many others will help Habitat for Humanity to fulfill its goal to provide 20 families with keys to their first homes on Christmas morning in Long Beach, CA. 

Her passion for this project came from nominating long standing friends, who had challenges with two special needs children. Her friends had encountered a financial strain and were not able to find stability for nearly seven years.  All of this is set to change because Gina’s friends were chosen, two weeks ago, to receive their own home through Habitat for Humanity. 

This is sure to be an incredible surprise! 

Case Management Division – Pamela Murphy

This week, Pamela Murphy spent time volunteering at the Operation Christmas Child Processing Center, through the Samaritan’s Purse organization.  The Samaritan’s Purse is a non-profit organization that provides aide to people in physical need by offering various forms of domestic and international crisis and disaster relief. This organization has helped to meet the needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease and famine.  

Pam assisted the Samaritan’s Purse organization in their efforts to fulfill their goal of wrapping Christmas care packages for children all over the world. 

Thank you Pam for making a difference!