Did you know: Return to Work Programs

Friday, November 15, 2019

By Becky Bro

Did you know that getting injured employees back to work can make a huge difference in lowering the cost of workplace injuries?

Transitional return-to-work (RTW) programs are an effective tool to help ensure employees’ success in recovering and getting back to the job in a safe and timely manner. Striking the right balance between claims management and return to work is essential in the design of transitional RTW programs. The legislative expectation is to accommodate/re-employ injured workers following a disabling event.

Unfortunately, some employers run into barriers when developing their on-site transitional RTW programs. Valid reasons preventing the employer from implementing an effective on-site program include union contracts, inability to alter machinery/equipment or having a workforce that is primarily engaged in highly physically-demanding jobs. In situations such as these, modified duty, off-site transitional RTW programs can be the perfect solution.

When an employee receives a modified duty release to return to work and the employer is unable to accommodate on-site transitional RTW, ExamWorks Clinical Solutions’ team of RTW specialists are available to tap into a network of nonprofit partners to identify an appropriate off-site transitional RTW opportunity. This allows the employee to transition back to full duty return to work with the employer as quickly as possible while remaining productive, thereby combating the potential of developing a disability mindset. For employers, there may also be tax advantages in the form of a charitable donation for the value of the salary and benefits paid to the injured worker.

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